Wedding Cakes

Your Dress, Your Flowers, Your Cake

The three elements of your wedding day for those unforgettable moments - your dress, your flowers and your wedding cake.

The wedding cake, as the showstopping centrepiece, is where you can truly be bold and extravagant. People will talk about it for years. Nothing compares to the impact of a lavishly decorated wedding cake and the anticipation of what lies within!

Rich in symbolism, this edible masterpiece captures the essence of your special day. Cutting your cake to share with your friends and family is a beautiful demonstration of your love and connection with them and is the sweetest way to start to your new life together.

Wedding cake price & portion guide

Typical prices for 3 and 4 tier cakes are given below. The price for a bespoke wedding cake will depend upon the intricacy and complexity of the design and the time required to make the sugarcraft elements. 

We do not make 'naked' or 'semi-naked' cakes.  All our wedding cakes are covered in a layer of chocolate ganache (or marzipan) and are covered in a thin layer of fondant/sugarpaste.

Our portion guide is based on cake tiers of 5 inches deep and finger portions (i.e. typical wedding servings) of 1 x 1 x 5 inches.

  • Our chic 3 tier wedding cakes serving approximately 84 portions typically cost from £900
  • The Larger, classic 3 tier wedding cakes serving approximately 150 typically cost from £1150.
  • Four-tier cakes serving approx 160 typically cost from £1275
  • Chic 3 tier wedding cake

    £ 900

  • Classic 3 tier wedding cake


  • Classic 4 tier wedding cake


Cutting cakes (covered in a layer of luxurious chocolate ganache and sugarpaste but not decorated) to provide additional servings are available with the purchase of your wedding cake). Prices and portions are shown below.

  • 6" square £99 (36 portions)
  • 8" square £176 (64 portions)
  • 10" square £275 (100 portions)
  • 12" square £396 (144 portions)

Delivery & set-up is in addition to the price of the cake.We also have a collection of cake stands and cake knives and servers available to hire.   ​

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